Chocolate lava recipe

Who doesn’t love gooey, warm, tender chocolate cake full of goodness? I have been challenged by my husband to make this chocolate cake as healthy as possible. Challenge accepted! Chocolate lava recipe is the best way to create this mouthwatering cake.

Chocolate lava cake recipe

Flour and sugar are the biggest ingredients in this cake and the ones that bring all the calories in, so to make a healthier and guilt-free alternative, we have to think of substitutions. I have started with some research into the different type of flours. I stopped using plain white flour a couple of years ago and never looked back.

The basic rule is that white flour is only white because it has been bleached and it has been stripped of all the fibre and only light and fluffy starchy bit is left and a teeny tiny bit of protein, which is called gluten. The higher protein/gluten content, the tougher is the dough, hence when you want to make bread, you buy strong flour!

The downside of white flour is it’s calories count. It’s light, fluffy, and easy to work with, but it’s stripped of most nutrients and in essence it’s just pure carbohydrates. Constant excess of carbohydrates consumption, sadly, makes us fat.

As a comparison:

White All-Purpose Flour: 440 calories per 100g
Corn Flour: 330 calories per 100g
Spelt Wholewheat Flour: 334 per 100g 1

I have started using Spelt Flour for over 2 years and it has been wonderful! It’s supposed to be very good for you and it’s £1.99 per 1kg, which is not exactly cheap. Found in all top grocery shops.

I went to my local organic shop yesterday and I saw the tiniest piece of 100% spelt bread for £3.50! So this stuff once made is almost made out of gold.

The problem we all face with normal store bought cakes is that they are all packed with pure starch, sugar and bad fats. The only alternative to avoid these cakes, is, obviously, to make your own one, as not having cakes at all is clearly not an option.

This version of chocolate lava mountain cake has a whooping 764 calories per serving, which is around 100g only! But the less extravagant Waitrose Chocolate Sponge Cake has got 404 calories per 100g.

Waitrose cake nutritional value is:

Waitrose Chocolate Sponge Cake

Calories  404 kcal
Fats 24.4g
Protein  5.1g
Carbs  47g
Sugars no info

The problem is that if you want to remain the same clothes size for years to come or reduce it, you just cannot eat these cakes. Sadly, they way we are built, we crave sugar and get fat from it. It would have been a vicious circle, had I not been made to think outside the box and create guilt-free desserts!

Chocolate Lava Cake Under 200 Calories

lava cake enhanced frame

I made it in a slow-cooker that has been waiting its turn in my kitchen for just over a year, since I first time bought. I have to say, that this crockpot slow cooker is amazing when it comes to this cake. Every single scoop of this cake is just delicious softest highest quality chocolate mess that melts in your mouth. If you don’t have a slow-cooker, I suggest you use the oven at 170C for no more than 15 – 20 minutes.

Ingredients for chocolate lava recipe

100g – xylitol
40g – coconut sugar
110g – spelt wholemeat flour
20g – almond flour
95g – cocoa powder 100% organic
4 tsp – baking powder
4 tbsp – highest quality butter
500ml – milk (start with 300ml and add to make batter smooth and a little runny)


The great thing about this cake is that it’s super easy to make. These type of cakes are usually called batter cakes, which basically means to mix all the ingredients together and it’s done!

Mix your dry ingredients, e.g. fours, baking powder and sugars (xylitol is great as it’s alcohol sugar, which means you can’t digest it and you only get the sweetness from it, with zero consequences) together. Admire the different colour of coconut sugar and xylitol.

chocolate lava cake

Then melt some better and pour it all over the batter.

chocolate lava cake

Then mix it and start adding milk. You have to add as much milk as needed, depending on consistency. It has to be smooth, but the amount will depend on flours used, as they all have different absorbency. However, start with 300ml.

chocolate lava cake

Just a recap:

collage lava cake

Then pop it in a slow-cooker for 1 hour on high heat (or oven for 15-20 minutes at 170C). Done!

You will get this healthy, gooey, delicious, sweet, chocolatey goodness in the end.

lava cake enhanced

The best thing about this cake? It’s nutritional quality, on top of mind blowing taste.

Alice & Maria-Luisa’s Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe

Calories  194 kcal
Fats 10.6g
Protein  5.8g
Carbs  26g
Sugars 15g (xylitol 11g, coconut sugar 4g)

Enjoy your guilt-free dessert!

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