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In your journey of trying to be healthy and totally rock, you will need to have some joy in your life. I am only interested in sustainable changes, hence the reason I am a very rigid opposer of any diets, because they never work. Everything temporary in nature – is of no interest to me, nor should be yours, because it most probably will cause you more harm than good.


How much meaning one can put into this word. Cheesecake is all about pure pleasure, smiles, laughter and happy feeling after. Unless it was a conventionally made cheesecake, which is overloaded with so much sugar, that unless you are addicted to it (as 95% of people are these days), you will find it just sickening.

I have never been a sweet tooth, but ever since I started paying attention to sugar((There will be a big post about all the hidden truth about sugar)) in my life, I stopped eating all the cakes that are sold in shops or cafes. All of them are made with refined flour, which basically means it’s pure starch which is rapidly broken down into simple sugars which are readily absorbed into the bloodstream, spike your insulin and let the fat-making party begin! To add to the injury, it is overloaded with sugar so much as if tomorrow all the sugar will disappear forever. 

If you think that you are safe by making cakes at home by following traditional recipes, then you should think again. All the recipes that I find online, especially the ones that are easy to follow and find like bbc recipes, have ridiculous amount of sugar. If you cut the added sugar recipe by at least a 3rd, you will taste no difference whatsoever. It still will be very sweet, I promise!

One might wonder:”How are we supposed to eat delicious cakes then if we want to be healthy yet happy? How can we live without cakes?”


Don’t despair, not everything is lost! The answer is very simple. A little bit of education, a tiny bit of effort, some creativity and you get to enjoy a cake that will make you happier.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce you my very own creation:

Cancer Additives Free Vanilla Cheesecake with Blueberries, Cherries and Oat/Coconut Dough Crumble.


This cake is made from lightest phildalphia (11.5 g of proten, 5.5 g of sugars, which is lactose((See my post about all different sugars and know your enemies)) and is not evil at all), whole grain oat flour (65.5 g of carbs, 6.5 g of fibre ((Perfection ratio of 1:10 is met, which is a primary sign that it is good nutritional food)), 14.7 g of protein/ per 100g), coconut flour (59.3 g of carbs, 37.5 g of fiber, clearly a king of nutrition((As I keep saying, the more fiber you have in your food, the better. It is slows the absorption of other nutrients in your body, thus keeping you full for longer and giving time for liver and other organs to process your food and make you one good healthy human being)), 17.5 of protein/ per 100g), xylitol (alcohol sugar((Keep an eye on my later posts about sugar family))), some maple syrup (grade B, which is considered of better nutritional value, than the clear Grade A one you can buy in mainstream shops) and of course berries, in this case frozen blueberries and cherries.

As you can see form the ingredients, this cake is just packed with all the goodness from mother nature. The best thing about this cake is that it’s 2 in 1, what does it mean?

It means that you can have it either as a dessert or as breakfast, or more likely as both! How can it get any better than that, when you can have a fully functional dessert for a breakfast, which will be perfect as it has lots of protein((If you have been reading my blog carefully, you will know by now that protein breakfast are the best for you)) in it.

To make this mind-blowing cake, which takes very little of your time and then gives you hours of pleasure, you need the following:


Base and crumble:

  • 200g of flour (100g of oat and 100g of coconut flour to make it goood)
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 50g of butter (cold from the fridge)
  • 1 tablespoon of xylitol


  • 500g of quark/cream cheese (anything you want, just keep an eye on the fat content, don’t buy full fat)
  • 3-4 eggs
  • vanilla essence
  • 3-4 tablespoon of xylitol and/or 3-4 tablespoon for maple syrup. If you have been hooked on sugar for years, then you need to take it slowly and add one spoon at a time, mix it, taste it, and keep adding till it’s satisfyingly sweet. Key thing to remember is moderation!
  • berries you fancy: blueberry, cherry, raspberry, blackberry are all good.


It honestly couldn’t be much simpler.

Put all the base ingredients into a bowl, you can sprinkle some cinnamon, as it will fill you flat with some amazing cozy smell. Dice the butter into small pieces, throw it with all the dry ingredients, put some music on and go wild with chopping the butter with the flour. Ideally you will need this tool, which is really useful and costs pennies on ebay, it’s called pastry blender in case you were wondering. If you don’t have it, just use two knifes, it will take you longer, but you will get there. 

Copyright Cliff Fiess Photography [#Beginning of Shooting Data Section] Nikon D90 11/30/2010 17:29:25.00 Time Zone and Date: UTC-8, DST:ON Compressed RAW (12-bit) Image Size: L (4288 x 2848) Lens: VR 55-200mm F/4-5.6G Artist: Copyright: Focal Length: 82mm Exposure Mode: Manual Metering: Center-Weighted Shutter Speed: 1/60s Aperture: F/22 Exposure Comp.: 0EV Exposure Tuning: ISO Sensitivity: ISO 200 Optimize Image: White Balance: Flash, B6, 0 Focus Mode: AF-A AF-Area Mode: Single AF Fine Tune: VR: OFF Long Exposure NR: OFF High ISO NR: OFF Color Mode: Color Space: Adobe RGB Tone Comp.: Hue Adjustment: Saturation: Sharpening: Active D-Lighting: OFF Vignette Control: Auto Distortion Control: Picture Control: [NL] NEUTRAL Base: [NL] NEUTRAL Quick Adjust: - Sharpening: 2 Contrast: 0 Brightness: 0 Saturation: 0 Hue: 0 Filter Effects: Toning: Map Datum: Dust Removal: 11/30/2010 13:38:42 Image Comment: (C) Cliff Fiess Photography [#End of Shooting Data Section]

How do you know when to stop your crazy chopping experience? This is the consistency you are looking for, yes, just crumbles:


Once the crumble is ready, put about 2/3 in your cake tin, ideally round one. I used 24cm one. Try not to have any bald spaces at the bottom of your tin, you can use a spoon to even the surface out, to make sure you have a nice looking base.

Then mix all the ‘wet’ ingredients together, you can use a whisk, as it blends everything very quick, but just STIR. Do not whisk under any circumstances. Cheesecakes hate extra air in, so make yourself a favour and resist the temptation to whisk, just stir with a whisk like you would with a spoon/fork. Less air = smoother cheesecake = better flavour. It’s a win, win, trust me!

Once you have a smooth paste, leave it alone, do not over stir. It will look like this.


This is it! Now you just need to put your berries on the base, like here. If you have frozen berries, don’t bother defrosting them, it’s just a waste of time. Just sprinkle a little bit of flour on them, as it will absorb the excess liquid and make it thicker, so you have no leaks. Easy! Then pour the filling and sprinkle the rest of the crumbs on top.


Put into oven at 180C or so. Leave it alone for 35-40 minutes, then go back and have a sneaky peak. It might take longer up to the maximum of 55 minutes to get ready. If you are a complete beginner and checking if the food is ready freaks you out, here is a tip. Take a toothpick, insert it and out. If it’s almost dry – it’s ready. If it’s stuck in liquid, leave it alone for another 10 minutes. But also use your senses, this is what you are looking for a perfectly baked cake.


Voila! You made it, now you have a delicious, tempting, gorgeously smelling cancer additives free cake. You are welcome!


P.S. I call this category food converter, because I take traditional recipes and convert them into a healthy delicious goodness.

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