Red House

It’s been a little while since I wrote my last post here. I have been a little bit naughty, but mostly a very busy girl. Some very exciting events have happened over the past couple of months, one of them is, obviously, the fact that I turned 26 years old! I wonder if that still counts as early 20s, or already have the ‘stigma’ of late 20s?

Either way, I do not despair and have no problems with any age. Mr J and I have been very busy on our little mission to attend as many National Trust places as possible and over the Easter we achieved our absolutely all-time record of visiting 7 places in just under 3 days! The full report will follow here, hopefully sooner than later!

Red House

As for now, I would like to share our cute little getaway to Bexleyheath to a beautiful Red House. It is the only house commissioned, created and lived in by William Morris, founder of the Arts & Crafts movement. It is a building of extraordinary architectural and social significance and it has a magnificent park around it. Very tranquil as well, even on a Sunday afternoon!

The place is beautiful both inside and outside. I love the structure of the building, as it reminds me of some sort of a magical wonderland where all houses look like that and cute little elves live in the garden. However, in reality, this place was desgined by Philip Webb and completed in 1860! He lived there with William Morris while both were in their late 20s!


National Trust only acquired it 10 years ago, which means that when I was a teenager, someone was living in this house! This was just their little home, they slept here and ate their breakfast as normal. I am not sure if they met any ghosts for company or any other magic creatures, but the house if most definitely full of history.

Inside the house there are quite a lot of custom made furniture which the original owners of the house ordered and it’s still all intact. It’s all rather unusual and some elements were designed just for decorative purpose.


I am obsessed with fireplaces, so every single house we visit the first thing I do when I’m inside is looking for fireplace. The house also features Morris’s wallpaper. Some examples of his prints are simply marvellous! Coupled with some authentic, full of character windows make the place very cozy.


The staircase is beautiful as well. I am in love with wooden staircases, it has so much character! It also creates this calm, tranquil atmosphere that you just don’t want to leave the place at all. So took my chance and demanded my pictures being taken right there on my favourite spot!


National Trust is really looking after their properties. Apparently, this very special table came up at the auction in Ireland last year and they decided it belongs very much to Red House. So they dashed out £120,000 for this cute little beauty. Yes, I know, I thought the volunteer telling us this had a seizure and she meant £1,200. So I asked again. No, no seizure! It does indeed cost only £120,000.


This house isn’t really fully furnished with all the original pieces, but it still gives a good idea what it was like when it was built. The garden around the house is truly magnificent. It’s beautifully maintained, it has apple orchard and a little patch where they grow vegetables. All of this really is inspiring and makes you want to move out of the city and live in a countryside.


It obviously has a little house where all the naughty elves live. A bit creepy and crooked, but still charming.


I enjoyed my walk in the garden, even snapped this charming gentleman there. Clearly a magical place 😉


Everywhere you look is quite romantic.


The house is beautiful from all the angles.


Look at this inner garden view!


If anyone was paying attention, then you would know, that one can never go to National Trust place and leave without a cheeky cup of coffee and some little carrot cake. Unlike most places, this carrot cake was truly divine, not even overloaded with cancerous sugar, which is always a nice bonus. I got to sit in the corner, getting all ready and excited for my cake!


Here it comes… Mmmm… You can make a mental note here that this place has some serious quality cups and decent sizes too!


After we demolished all the cake, we had a final stroll round the house and started planning our next trip. One can never have enough of social history and sneaky peeks at other people’s houses!



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