Taking control of hormones

Do you feel different every week? Do you ever find yourself over-reacting for no apparent reason and sometimes wonder if you were possessed by some nasty demon, as just yesterday you were the nicest girl in the world? If the answer is yes, then you should not be worried, as it’s normal because all it means is that you are a well-functioning female human being! Your hormones are very powerful and all we have to do is to embrace it.


Last time I was talking in very much details about a very intricate subject – menstrual cycle. Since the hardest part is over now, it’s time to talk about more exciting things, i.e. how we can use the power of our hormones and stream all that energy into something useful.

How to get the most out of your hormones

Since every single woman is just a walking hormone-making machine, all you need to do to get the best out of this gift is to plan ahead! Your hormones can help you to achieve your best and help you succeed in all your plans.1

As a woman I do feel different throughout the month. There are particular days of the month when I literally cannot force myself to do anything. I go to work like a little zombie, then do my chores in auto mode and my interaction with the big world outside my head is rather minimal. There are days when I am super active, super creative and incredibly productive. During those days I can do 20 times more things done than on a day when I really struggle to complete even a couple of tasks.

After several months of observing my own cycle and the way I feel, I came up with a genius conclusion! I should never go against my nature and not trying to be a super women 24/7/365. If there is a day when I just need to relax, to reflect on what I have done in that particular week or month, while staring at my book or TV, so be it! It’s just too important not to lose track of where you really are and always get the best out of the situation.

Four stages of power

Did you know that our menstrual cycle consists of four stages? It is 4 stages more than I ever knew, as all I knew up until 2 years ago that you have a period and then you have another one a month later!

Every stage has a different effect on us due to different biochemistry processes, let’s take as an example 28 days cycle:


1) Follicular phase (day 1 – 12)

This is the phase during which follicles in the ovary mature. During follicular phase, your hormones are at the low point, and you are much more open and ready to try new things. It’s great time to plan a month ahead, to plan new project, get organised for the month ahead.

2) Ovulatory phase (day 13 – 16)

During ovulatory phase, ovulatory phase an increase in the the luteinizing hormone level causes the mature follicle to burst and release the egg, which leads to ovulation. Ovulation usually last 2 days. This phase makes your brain chemistry heighten your verbal skills! This is the time to have important conversations, like asking for that pay rise you wanted as communication and collaboration will come naturally to you.

3) Luteal phase (16 – 28)

The luteal phase is the latter phase of the menstrual cycle and it begins with the formation of the corpus luteum and ends in either pregnancy or luteal regression, which means gradual degradation of corpus luteum (that yellow blob on pictures).

This is a very interesting phase, as we have a rise of estrogen and progesterone and then decline, so u will feel differently throughout two halves of the phase. But these fluctations makes us more focused and have better attention to details! You can bring things to completion during this phase and do better more tedious tasks like doing your financial accounts, submitting your reports or any other administrative tasks.

4) Menstrual phase (1 – 5)

You finish and start your cycle with menstrual phase. It usually lasts for 5 days and you start your cycle again on day 1 with the first day of your period.

This phase shifts your brain chemistry in a way that left and right brain hemispheres are communicating to each other much more powerfully across their nerves fibres that connect them. So you have more access to your analytical and intuitive parts of the brain, isn’t that awesome?
This is the time to reflect and observe. What do you really want ? Are you heading in the right direction? Is there anything you need to change to achieve your goals?

Most importantly, stop thinking that your hormones are messing you up and there is nothing you can do. Embrace your body, look after it, give it all the love and compassion you have and it will help you get to places you have never even dreamed before.



How to learn your body

If you are as clueless as I was about my biological aspect of being a woman, then I cannot recommend Lady-Comp high enough. It literally changed my world, it’s a fertility device that measures your body temperature and tells you when you are ovulating. I have previously spoken about it at length and the more I learn about female fertility, the more I realise that everyone must have this little device that will rock your world!

P.S. For all our readers the discount code ‘maria-luisa’ still applies when you buy Lady-Comp UK!


  1. You can watch a video about it

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